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This app was made in a month by a total programming noob. Is everything working? No? Bug me by mail to, or complain to me on Twitter @kachagain.
Got some ideas for new features to the app? I'd love to hear them! Send everything my way, don't be shy.

Special thanks to Caraxian for helping me with a lot of coding questions (you're the MVP of this app! ♥), and to 128-Up for being my alpha-tester.

Do you really, really like my site and this app, and would like to support me further? This app is ad-free for the sake of its users, but I am unemployed after all and maintaining my site takes a lot of effort and my time, and I do pay money for my hosting and domain. If you would like to donate to me, it would be much, much appreciated. ♥ (psst, if you do, please don't include "nico" in a message, PayPal doesn't like that!)
You can also support Kach Again through Patreon!